Moving to End Sexual Assault (MESA), a program of Mental Health Partners, has served the Boulder County community for over 50 years as a cornerstone of support for sexual assault survivors. To help accomplish this vital work, we are grateful to our passionate volunteers who are committed to helping survivors.

Currently, MESA is seeking community members to volunteer as a Hotline Advocate. Advocates provide critical emotional support to survivors via our hotline and text line and may accompany survivors to hospitals and police departments.

If you or someone you know have a passion for supporting survivors of sexual violence and are willing and able to attend our 40-hour training, then we invite you to apply to be a Hotline Volunteer Advocate at:

— Erin Devitt, Moving to End Sexual Assault (MESA)


Any politician who claims to care about animal welfare should support increased federal funding for cultivated-meat research. For those who aren’t familiar with the term, cultivated meat is grown from livestock cells, without slaughter. It has the potential to relegate so much nonhuman suffering to a less enlightened past.

We kill more than a trillion aquatic and land animals for food every year. Numbers that large are almost impossible to comprehend. For a little perspective, only about 117 billion humans have ever lived, according to the Population Reference Bureau.

While cultivated meat was recently approved for sale in America, increased public money for cellular-agriculture development will help the product achieve price parity with slaughtered meat. This is crucial for widespread acceptance of humane alternatives. Compassionate legislators should support the effort.

— Jon Hochschartner/Granby, Connecticut

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