MSNBC producer for Rachel Maddow, Steve Benen, is puzzled how Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) will claim that he has been a successful governor when his policies keep getting shot down in the courts.

Just last week, a federal judge issued an injunction for the Florida governor’s anti-drag queen law.

The case was brought by the restaurant chain Hamburger Mary’s, which sued the state claiming the law had adversely affected its business, tweeted Chris Geidner.

Judge Gregory A. Presnell wrote in the ruling: “Florida already has statutes that provide such protection [from obscene performances]. Rather, this statute is specifically designed to suppress the speech of drag queen performers.”

And it isn’t the first time DeSantis has had his laws shot down in court. The so-called “Stop WOKE Act” was also blocked by a federal judge. Another law that sought to regulate social media companies was blocked by another federal judge, then his so-called “election police” filed several cases alleging voter fraud against several people of color. They too have largely failed.

Earlier this month, a Florida judge tore apart a law banning gender-affirming care as a “remarkable intrusion.”

Then there’s the matter of DeSantis’ aides being caught lying to immigrants to get them on a plane to Martha’s Vineyard. There’s now another case in which he’s flown immigrants to Sacramento, which Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) said would result in lawsuits.

DeSantis is also in a feud with one of the state’s biggest employers, Disney, which he’s decided is too accepting of LGBTQ+ people.

“There are a few relevant angles to all of this. The first is that DeSantis likes to tout the Sunshine State as a ‘citadel of freedom,’ but he keeps signing measures into law that curtail Floridians’ rights,” wrote Benen.

He also cited the hefty legal bill involved in defending such cases, which comes from taxpayer money.

Benen quoted Bob Jarvis, a law professor at Nova Southeastern University, who said in December that DeSantis couldn’t possibly think he would win the lawsuits. DeSantis, a Harvard graduate with a law degree from Yale knows how it will end.

“But when your goal is not to win or lose, and you have a blank check from the taxpayers, then really it’s all about: ‘Will this lawsuit generate headlines? And will this allow me to control the narrative?’” Jarvis said.

Still, Benen said that the message doesn’t look good for normal voters as well as the base. “Vote for me because judges rejected many of my favorite achievements” isn’t a compelling campaign, Benen closed.

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